Friday, 25 February 2011

Full circle: a little history and a new beginning

I first posted on Blogger on Wednesday, February 6th 2002 at 21:53, if I'd have been a little more organised this month it would have been cool to startup again on the 6th *grin*  The last post I made in my original blog was June 17th 2009, but I had dwindled from my high points of 2002-2004 to only posting very occasionally.  I made that blog private when I was going through a relationship breakup in 2006 and then I archived it all off to a different blogspot URL (still like reading back through my archives sometimes) and kept this one active in case any previous followers wanted to find me on facebook.

This was always my diary and my therapy and my way of making friends and connecting with people, it worked well because the years went on and I made friends and started a proper social life and became pretty emotionally sorted (on the whole hehe).  Myspace became used more often for 'blogs', and then of course Facebook replaced that in 2006 and I used Notes for 'blogs' on and off.

Prior to blogger I was into many different forums, website building, bulletin boards before them, IRC channels, ICQ and going back into the mists of time from 1998 I was directly involved in the launch and in-life management of dial up internet services, email, websites, webmastering, adsl, gprs, 3g etc.

So why am I back? Well, I want to start producing more content again and I can't share it with everyone on facebook unless I start a 'page' and I am not a celebrity so didn't think that appropriate.  I also want to post more to twitter than the char allowance allows, so you need somewhere to link people to.

So here I am!  I don't intend to do diary style updates here, that will still be on Facebook for those who already know me, or those I get to know via this medium and twitter who it may then become appropriate to add.

I have content to share or discuss on a few different topics, so I will try and be organised about labelling them correctly so people can filter out what they aren't interested in!  My main focus will be on the things I feel I can add value on and am most passionate about, off the top of my head that will be: apps, mobile phones, online life, WoW, happiness, retail, customer service and I think that will do for now :o)

I hope to interact with you soon and very much welcome comments, feedback, discussion, disagreement and any other form of contact *grin*

Much love and sparkles

Ariel xxx